Checking in (barely)

I can’t believe it’s been around 17 months since I last blogged! If there’s ever been a welcome to the reality of motherhood, my absence from writing (aka time to/for myself) speaks volumes.  My gorgeous little man is almost 20 months old now and we are mostly just ordinary and happy. We have rituals and daily rhythms, a healthy amount of chaos, silliness, laughter and singing (so much singing!), proud mama moments (with a little prompting he counted to five tonight in the bathtub!) and of course the inevitable time-outs, that we both need to take on occasion.  These days I mostly just spam Instagram with pictures of my little love, my short-cut version of tributing motherhood.

I hope to get back to writing and reflecting soon.  There’s so much material these days … but after I put Eliot to bed at night, order my house, feed the dog, look through the mail, bla bla bla … the seduction of TV is ooooh so strong.  Lame.

Here’s Eliot now, from our coffee date at Fido this morning, 19 1/2 months old.